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Search for our experienced and qualified personal trainers in Scotland. We have personal trainers in all the major cities and towns Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Cumbernauld, Inverness, Dumfries and all the areas in between.  Do a search now and find your perfect trainer.

Complimentary Therapy  Complementary Therapies

Again, we have a long list of qualified, trusted and experienced therapists across Scotland. Massage, Sports Therapists, Herbalists, Tamar's Back Therapy, Reiki, Hynotherapists, Refelexology, etc.  Just contact us with you wish list and we will recommend a fantastic therapist or practicioner near you.


Work Wellbeing Corporate and Events

We have an extensive list of clients, we have delivered Health, Wellness and Fitness events for, with glowing reports from them all.  We also deliver weekly and monthly services for staff and communities in small businesses and large organisations. Our personal trainers, therapists and wellness colleagues come together to blend extremely enjoyable events and professional, ongoing services.


Sunday Mail 20/11/11   April Logan, Owner, Personal Training Scotland

Sunday Mail's 7 Day Magazine 

April writes a weekly column for the Sunday Mail, 7 Day Magazine.  She covers a multitude of topics, driven by the questions she gets asked by the readers and the many people she chats with daily.   She uses her years of experience and expertise as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and tutor to share tips and advice with the thousands of Sunday Mail readers. 

Radio and Media Work

April is also a regular "go to" for health and fitness advice and opinion for magazines, newspapers and radio shows.  Having appeared on BBC Radio Scotland's Fred McCauley and John Beattie programmes.  She is regularly asked to comment on many BBC Radio Scotland topics, newspaper articles and magazine reports.

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Johan McIver Hypnotherapy

There are 2 elements to success when wanting to lose weight, change shape or overhaul your lifestyle.  

1) The Mind - it must be in the right place for change to happen and to keep the change going for a lifetime.

2) The Body - there must be a combination of healthy, balanced eating and healthy, enjoyable exercise.

Here at PT Scotland, we have always succeeded in achieving "The Body" part with our clients.  We did however, feel that sometimes there was a missing piece of the jigsaw with some of or clients. That was, until we discovered how vital it was to have "the mind" in the right place for these truly lifechanging experiences to happen and stay with our clients.

This is why we have been working very closely with Johan McIver,D.Hyp (Distinction) . PDCHyp. PDCBHyp(Distinction) MBSCH,at Hypnotherapy Glasgow and The Wight Relaxation Rooms to achieve some inspirational success with some for our clients.  

These clients have often tried every diet under the sun, popped every miracle pill on the market and taken part in training they don't enjoy, in an effort to reach there dream.  Luckily, we have worked with them before they lost hope all together.

If this sounds like you, then this is probably the best email or phonecall you every make. We both offer free consultations and a special package rate for each other's clients.

Contact Johan McIver on or tel: 07984 428 741

Contact April Logan on or 07766 054019.









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All our trainers are fully insurance, qualifiied and REPS registered. Our therapists are fully insured and qualified in their respective professions.

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