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PT Scotland is the country's leading directory for personal trainers, fitness and health professionals.  We pride ourselves with having years of experience in the fitness and health industry and having a network of professionals across the country.


B.E.A.M (Be Everything And More) specific life changing programme for people who have a high BMI and are looking to lose at least 3 stones in weight.

It is a three pronged approach, using exercise, healthy eating and targeted hypnosis. If your health is being affected or you have simply tried for years, without success,  to change shape and improve your lifestyle - this is the programme for you.

The team is made up of three of the country's top specialists, who work together to guide you to success. 

April Logan - Sunday Mail's, 7 Day Magazine, Fitness Columnist.  She brings a power of knowledge, spanning over 12 years in the fitness industry, working with many clients who have had a similar journey to you.

Johan McIver - Hypnotherapy and Hypno-band Practicioner has worked specifically with overweight and obese clients for over 15 years.  She is exceptional in her field, looking at overeating and emotional eating and turning lives around.

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